Charity Services

The word charity comes from the Latin “caritas,” meaning “costliness, esteem, affection.” Current usage of “charity” typically implies an action in assistance of someone needing help. Prio Bangla is dedicated to the cause of giving. Recipients of charity on behalf of Prio Bangla serves as a confirmation of the recipient’s worth and the underlines the fact that everyone deserves kindness. Prio Bangla is available for those in need and can help the self-esteem of the those who have encountered difficult life circumstances. Contact us today for assistance in getting you back on your feet.



Prio Bangla is in the business of helping needy individuals and families in our local communities. Our charitable activities include the following:

· Provide financial support to less fortunate in our society to acquire to medical services, clothes, food, school/study materials such as books, pen, note, school bags etc.

· Donate provisions to religious bodies as a effort to promote spiritual growth of its members

· Provide disaster relief aid to victims of flood, hurricane, earth quake, tornado etc. in the US and abroad.